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The College of Education prepares, inspires and supports students to become caring, reflective and competent professionals. For more than 100 years we have educated Nebraska's teachers. We offer these programs:

PRAXISCore Exam Prep

Grace Ann Mims

About Us

Students in the College of Education pursue academic programs in a wide variety of educational and professional areas at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Our curriculum is designed to be student-centered and intellectually stimulating.

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One room school house

One Room, One Teacher

One-room-school teachers are honored once a year and current UNK students benefit through a unique program that remembers and honors teachers who taught in rural Nebraska schools. In a program started in 2013, the One Room, One Teacher Scholarship Fund is helping continue the legacy of brilliant, effective Nebraska educators, one teacher at a time.

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Working out the UNK way: Lopers create home fitness videos for class project

College News

Working out the UNK way: Lopers create home fitness videos for class project

With many gyms and fitness centers temporarily closed, people may be looking for new ways to stay active during the coronavirus outbreak. Luckily, there’s a group of UNK students you can learn from.

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Allowing faculty who work in the field of study to bring real-world experiences to the classroom is invaluable. The faculty encouraged my daughter, supported her, had those tough conversations, and she knew she could talk openly with them and ask for help whenever it was needed. The feedback I received from her was ‘mom, they make me feel like their daughter.
Carol Pooler
Parent, Wyoming