UNK embraces diversity and accepts people of all cultures because celebrating the differences in people leads to a more rewarding experience. Here, you’ll receive a quality education and world experience in a safe environment.

Experiential learning. Value. Caring community.

Experiential learning. Value. Caring community. At UNK we want to help you achieve academic and professional success in a learning environment that is hands-on. Ranked as a Top Ten Midwest Residential University by U.S. News College Rankings, UNK offers a quality education at a cost that is less than most comparable universities. UNK is known for small class sizes and scholarly faculty who know you by name and care about your success, and for having a higher rate of faculty-mentored undergraduate research opportunities than many of the larger universities in the U.S.  Kearney is a lively, welcoming city with beautiful natural attractions and parks, clean air, and kind and friendly people. The campus and community are beautiful, safe, and hospitable.

Ryo Suzuki

"When I was in senior, I was fortunate to receive an internship opportunity at the University of Nebraska Foundation, and I was the first international student to have that opportunity. I was able to do this because of the outstanding CBT faculty who helped me inside and outside the classroom. They constantly gave me opportunities to work hard and learn more about business so that I would be ready for the real world. My story would not be possible if it was not for the support from the university’s leadership and the Kearney community. The real gift of higher education is not the degree or knowledge that we get, it is what we get to do with it. If you work hard and swing for the fences, anything is possible."

Ryo Suzuki

UNK, NUFoundation

Adjunct Faculty, Development Assistant