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COVID-19 Information for International Students

With the University of Nebraska at Kearney moving on-campus classes to an online format after spring break, we understand that you have many questions and concerns. Please know that UNK and International Student Services are available to answer any questions you have and help you as we move forward during this challenging time.

We have gathered a list of common questions and answers below.  We will continue to update this information as it becomes available.
View the International COVID-19 FAQ

Yusuke Nogi

"One of my favorite things about UNK is that they not only offer in class learning, but grant opportunities to apply what you've learned to a real business setting. I joined ENACTUS and became a manager of a student governed coffee shop on campus when I was a sophomore. I learned how to facilitate relationships with suppliers, make financial decisions, deal with HR issues, and come up with business strategies. The skills I gained at UNK have tremendously helped me at my current job as a Purchasing Administrator. I truly believe that UNK is one of the best schools that prepares students to become a successful business professional straight out of college."

Yusuke Nogi

F and P America Mfg.

Purchasing Administrator