Students at the University of Nebraska at Kearney can participate in an international experience in almost any country. Programs range in length from several weeks to a full year, most of which you are able to apply your financial aid. Regardless of the field you choose to study, a program is available for you, and class credit will transfer to the UNK curriculum if you plan carefully with your academic advisor prior to departure. The Study Abroad Office is ready to help you choose a program that is right for you.

Benefits of Study Abroad

  • Learn a language
  • Enhance your Resume
  • Develop marketable skills
  • Gain international travel/cultural experience
  • Network for job prospects
  • Learn about yourself
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Expand your worldview
  • Develop new friendships

Social Media and Student Testimonials

Katie Goodall

"I have wanted to travel to Australia since I was in elementary school, so to finally fulfill that wish was amazing. Three weeks was the perfect amount of time for me. I got to do and see so many cool things I would have never experienced if I hadn't gone and I definitely would love to go back. It was really interesting to learn about their culture as well and see the similarities between there and America."

Katie Goodall