Experience Your Education

Memorable experiences form the cornerstone of education at UNK.

Why? Because studying about the real world means stepping into it every now and again. Because good ideas only become great ones when they are put to work. And because small class sizes equal greater opportunities to preview the different ways in which you may employ your UNK education once you graduate.

At UNK, we keep classrooms as real as we can.

Which means that the real world often becomes your classroom. Be it an internship, a research project, a summer abroad, or a semester on another campus on the other side of the continent, most students have at least one or two “out-of-the-classroom” experiences while at UNK.

You’ll find language students seeking out new worlds and old civilizations through a study-abroad program to the University of Guadalajara in Mexico. Criminal justice students visiting England to study the British criminal system.  Geography students exploring New Mexico and Arizona on their Desert Field Study.  Advertising students spending time at leading agencies in Omaha, Chicago and other metropolitan cities.  Social work students working in area hospitals and counseling centers...

"I had the time of my life when I attended the University of Hawaii at Hilo through the National Student Exchange program at UNK. UNK helped me experience a new culture, make new friends and build connections that will last forever."
Jessica Griebel
'03 Graduate, Public Relations
Mullen, Nebraska

Here, learning can be an adventure.
At UNK, you’ll find students interning with corporations, government agencies, private foundations, hospitals, technology firms, media outlets, area hospitals, counseling centers and law firms. Students are also doing original research on everything from “Toni Morrison’s Jazz” to “The Palladium-Mediated Preparation of Isoxazoles.” If these are the kinds of learning adventures you have in mind, schedule a campus visit to UNK today.