Experiential Learning Courses

College of Arts and Sciences

Course Code Course Name
BIOL 431B Research Methods IIB
BIOL 456 Regional Field Study
BIOL 475 Intern in Biology
BIOL 499 Research in Biology
CHEM 489 Internship
CHEM 499L Research in Chemistry
CJUS 475 Internship
DANC 344 Dance Improv and Basic Comp
ENG 361B Nebraska Life Writing
ENG 435 CW Professionalism
ENG 436 Critical Wrtg Professionalism
FREN 175 French Study Abroad I
FREN 176 French Study Abroad I
FREN 275 French Study Abroad II
FREN 276 French Study Abroad II
FREN 375 French Study Abroad III
FREN 376 French Study Abroad III
FREN 475 French Study Abroad IV
FREN 476 French Study Abroad IV
GERM 175 German Study Abroad I
GERM 176 German Study Abroad I
GERM 275 German Study Abroad II
GERM 276 German Study Abroad II
GERM 375 German Study Abroad III
GERM 376 German Study Abroad III
GERM 475 German Study Abroad IV
GERM 476 German Study Abroad IV
HIST 475 Internship in History
HIST 496 Senior Seminar in History
HSCI 475 Internship in Health Sciences
INTS 445 Intl Studies Field Study
INTS 475 Internship in Intl Studies
INTS 496 Sr Seminar in Intl Studies
JMC 339 Radio Workshop: Sports
JMC 343 Video at Antelope
JMC 350 News at Antelope
JMC 351 Adv and Promo at Antelope
JMC 352 Photojournalism at Antelope
JMC 353 Sports at Antelope
JMC 475 Internship in Mass Media
JMC 498 Multimedia Capstone
MATH 300 Tutoring Math
MATH 390 Research in Mathematics
MUS 350 Advanced Private Instruction
MUS 350R Adv Applied Inst/;Recital
MUS 387 Recital
MUS 488 Senior Recital
PHIL 490 Seminar in Philosophy
PHYS 361 Astronomy Methods II
PHYS 420 Adv Lab
PHYS 498 Senior Seminar in Physics
PSCI 456 Field Study
PSCI 475 Internship
PSCI 489 Senior Seminar
PSCI 490 Directed Research
PSY 271 Research Methods II
PSY 408 Introduction to Clinical Psych
PSY 408F Intro to Clinical Psy Field Ex
PSY 475 Practicum in Psychology
PSY 495 Psychological Inquiry
SOC 370 Sociological Research
SOC 490 Directed Research
SOWK 482 enior Social Work Seminar
SPAN 175 Spanish Study Abroad I
SPAN 176 Spanish Study Abroad I
SPAN 275 Spanish Study Abroad II
SPAN 276 Spanish Study Abroad II
SPAN 375 Spanish Study Abroad III
SPAN 376 Spanish Study Abroad III
SPAN 475 Spanish Study Abroad IV
SPAN 476 Spanish Study Abroad IV
SPCH 452 Advanced Org Comm
SPCH 459 ORC Senior Practicum
SPCH 475 Internship
THEA 295 Theatre Practicum
THEA 423 Advanced Theatre Practicum

 College of Business and Technology

Course Code Course Name
ACCT 471 Adv Auditing
ACCT 475 Accounting Internship
ACCT 491 Adv Accounting Info Systems
AGBS 415 Ag Price Analysis
AGBS 475 Internship
CYBR 475 Internship
CYBR 495 Cyber Systems Capstone
ECON 300 Research Methods in Econ & Bus
ECON 475  Internship
ECON 485 Senior Seminar
FIN 475 Finance Internship
FIN 481 Portfolio Management
IPD 407 Design Senior Project
IPD 475 Internship
ITEC 408 Leader in Bus/Tech
ITEC 475 Internship
MGT 400 Entrepreneurship
MGT 401 Small Business Mgt
MGT 405 Creativity and Innovation
MGT 409 Ldrshp: Skills Applicatn Rsrch
MGT 474 Intl Experiential Lrning: Mgt
MGT 475 Management Internship
MKT 336 Services Marketing
MKT 435 Mktg Research
MKT 440 Advertising Management
MKT 456 Marketing Mgt
MKT 474 Intl Exp Learning Marketing
MKT 475 Marketing Internship
SCM 476 Supply Chain Mgt Internship

 College of Education

Course Code Course Name
CDIS 311 Clin Meth & Proced in CD
CDIS 406 Adult Com Dis
FAMS 406 Family Resource Management
FAMS 475 Internship
LNSK 217 Sophomore Seminar
PE 475 Research Methods Exercise Sci
REC 477 Internship
TE 400 Student Teaching