The University of Nebraska at Kearney wants to make a degree affordable to all students, so we provide scholarships for international students. All students are automatically considered for the International Loper Scholarship when they apply. Others may require a separate application.

International Loper Scholarship Offers Reduced Tuition

The International Loper Scholarship reduces the tuition rate by more than 30% so international students receive a discount of $4,095. Over 4 years, it adds up to a savings of $16,380.

2021 Tuition Rate
$455 / credit hour


$136.50 / credit hour Discount for international students
$4,095 Annual Savings
$16,380 Savings over a 4 - Year Period

Based on 30 credits per year. Savings are approximate when compared to average tuition costs for international students without a scholarship.

Scholarships for All International Students

All incoming or current students may apply for these additional scholarships.

Scholarships for Current International Students

Only current UNK students may apply for these scholarships.

Be Global

Be Global

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