The University of Nebraska at Kearney wants to make a degree affordable to all students, so we provide scholarships for international students. All students are automatically considered for the International Loper Scholarship when they apply. Others may require a separate application.

International Loper Scholarship

International Loper Scholarship Offers Reduced Tuition

The International Loper Scholarship provides a tuition savings of 30% to reduce the overall cost. International students receive a discount of $4,239. Over 4 years, it adds up to a savings of $16,956 based off of the 2023-24 tuition rate.

Discounted 2023-24 Tuition Rate
$329.70 / credit hour (Undergraduate, Non-Resident, On-Campus tuition)


Savings Breakdown
$471 / credit hour Undergraduate, Non-Resident, On-Campus tuition rate
$141.30 / credit hour Discount for international students
$4,239 Annual Savings
$16,956 Savings over a 4 - Year Period

Based on 30 credits per year. Savings are approximate when compared to average tuition costs for international students without a scholarship.

Other Scholarship Opportunities




  • Kearney Noon Rotary International Scholarship Varies
    • must be an international student at University of Nebraska at Kearney

    • must be currently enrolled in a four-year undergraduate program or be enrolling in one for the upcoming fall semester

    • Preference will be given to those planning to make a career in humanitarian work.

    Kearney Noon Rotary International Scholarship Application

  • International Loper Scholarship $4,095
  • The International Loper Scholarship reduces the tuition rate by more than 30% so international students receive a discount of $4,095. Over 4 years, it adds up to a savings of $16,380.

    How To Apply – Simply Apply Now. Successful admission into an undergraduate degree-seeking program of study on campus confirms your qualifications for the scholarship!

    • First-time freshmen, transfer and re-enrolling undergraduate, degree-seeking international students are eligible. 
    • Must be enrolled full-time at UNK (12 or more credit hours) each semester. Enrollment status will be checked on the last day of the first week of classes (drop and add week). The scholarship will be cancelled and will be forfeited if you are not at full-time status at that time.
    • Eligibility will end upon receipt of a bachelor’s degree or after ten semesters, whichever comes first.
    • Scholarship amount will be based on enrollment status at the end of the first week of classes. The amount will be adjusted if a course is dropped during the institution’s refund period.
    • Scholarship does not apply to online degree programs or to graduate courses.

    Kearney Noon Rotary International Scholarship Application

  • Helen and Barney Wood Nepalese Scholarship Varies Closed
  • This scholarship will be awarded for one academic year, but may be renewed upon application and satisfactory academic performance.

    Eligible students may apply for the Helen and Barney Wood Nepalese Scholarship along with other Continuing Student Scholarships each year from February 1 through 11:59 pm (CST) on March 1 by accessing the online application on MyBLUE.

    • be citizens of Nepal and ineligible for permanent residence in any other country
    • be enrolled full-time as an undergraduate student
    • have a minimum 3.0 GPA
    • have a minimum TOEFL score demonstrating adequate English competency
    • express an intent to return to Nepal
    • express a desire to pursue a career in public government, professional service oriented organizations or other occupations designed to contribute to the welfare and development of the country of Nepal.
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Be Global

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