for 2023-2024 academic year

Cost per credit hour Total
Undergraduate Non-Resident Tuition $471/credit hour $14,130
International Loper Scholarship* - $4,239
Total Tuition $9,891


* Available to all degree seeking international students enrolled full-time on-campus. Renewable annually by maintaining a 2.5/4.0 grade point average. 


Housing & Meal Plan and Health Insurance is subject to change

Resident Type Tuition & Fees Housing & Meal Plan Health Insurance Total
International Student^ $11,731 $11,566 $3,909 $27,206
ELI Student** $4,338 $5,783 $1,636 $11,757


^ Based on 30 credit hours per academic year of Undergraduate, Non-Resident, On-Campus classes. These prices are estimates only and are subject to change. All international students must prove the minimum financial support of $27,206

** Cost for Fall semester only


UNK does not accept wire transfers from individual students or parents. There are three options available for payment of tuition and fees:

  1. The student can open a bank account upon their arrival in Kearney (We work closely with the bank to assist with this process). Once the student has a bank account, parents can wire transfer money to the account. The student can then pay their bill online using an electronic check.

  2. The student or parent can pay the tuition and fees bill online using a credit card. VISA, Mastercard, American Express or Discover cards are accepted. A 2.85% fee will be charged.

  3. Foreign Currency Payment - Available on MyBLUE only - A foreign currency payment can be initiated through MyBLUE. After you have completed the requested fields, you must deliver the payment instruction form to your foreign bank within 72 hours. Your foreign bank will transfer funds via Western Union to the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Once the wire transaction is complete, the payment will post to your student account on MyBLUE. Review Paying Your Bill with Foreign Currency for more detailed instructions of this payment option.

Students or parents can view instructions for paying the student bill online by either electronic check or credit card on the Student Accounts website.

For more information including explanation of fees, go to Tuition Information page. The costs that apply to international students are non-resident tuition/fees, plus an international student fee, and the purchase of international student health insurance.