International Friendship Program

This program connects international students with Kearney area families or individuals for the purpose of communication, cultural sharing and enjoying activities together. It gives students the opportunity to meet and enjoy the friendship of area community members and to experience American culture and customs in a family setting, which helps them gain an understanding of these things more quickly than they would otherwise. It also gives students the opportunity to share about their country and culture and practice English language skills.

Families who have participated have found it to be a wonderfully rewarding experience. They expand their knowledge of the world and experience other countries’ culture and customs without leaving Kearney! They also have the opportunity to share a bit of their lives with students, which is often one of the students’ most cherished experiences in the U.S.

Complete the Student or Host Application NowThe International Friendship Program is a visitation program, NOT a home-stay. Students attend classes at UNK and are responsible for their own housing.

The duration of the commitment is one year. However, most often the friendship lasts throughout the student’s stay in Kearney and even beyond. The time commitment does not need to be great. It is our hope that the students and families will connect once or twice a month. You are free to get together more frequently if you like.