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Art K-12 Teaching Field Endorsement In Education

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You will be prepared to teach art to students in kindergarten through 12th grades after completing the Art K-12 Bachelor of Arts in Education degree requirements at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. The program includes completing a wide range of studio courses to develop creative ability, methodology courses for academic competence, and courses for understanding the philosophy and psychology of art education.

Courses include methods for teaching students with diverse needs and developing integrated curriculums. Field experiences in K-12 classroom settings are required for practical experience. The final semesters of the program include an exhibition of your artwork and a full semester of student teaching.


  • Art teacher, K-12
  • Education & curriculum specialist
  • Art organization consultant
  • Daycare administrator/employee
  • Art publications
  • College, university professor
Kameran Ulferts
"When I came to UNK on a visit for art education it was my first ever college visit, and it ended up being my only college visit because I loved it so much.“ Kameran Ulferts spoke about how Professor Cavill inspired her. “Looking around at this artwork in general he kind of explained to me what different classes were like and what it would look like becoming an art education major at UNK, and it was just a one and done thing for me. It was like this is what I want to do, and he's an awesome mentor for me to this day.”

Kameran Ulferts

Art Education K-12