A Taste of Everything

Don’t assume that small communities equal a lack of dining options. No matter how big, small, or unique your appetite may be, Kearney’s got what it takes to satisfy it.

First of all, our location at the center of the beef-producing world means that you’ll find no fewer than a dozen unique places to get as good a steak or barbecue as you’ve ever had. On top of that, you’ll find a colorful array of cuisines, including American, Asian, Greek, Italian, Mexican, and more. Kearney features a selection of old-standbys—such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Applebees’s, Perkins, and Red Lobster—as well as names that are no less tantalizing, such as The Alley Rose, Twin Dragon, El Vallarta, Valentinos, and Paddy O’Malley’s, among others.

Remember, you’ll never forget Kearney…and neither will your tastebuds.


  • 6 BBQ Restaurants
  • 6 Cafes
  • 9 Coffee Shops
  • 2 Donut Shops
  • 43 Fast Food Restaurants
  • 7 Ice Cream Shops
  • 10 Chinese/International
  • 13 Italian/Pizza Restaurants
  • 11 Mexican Restaurants
  • 11 Seafood Restaurants
  • 17 Steak Restaurants