International Studies

sceneThe International Studies Program is an academic program housed in the College of Fine Arts and Humanities at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. The program also maintains a connection with the Office of International Education, where the presence of significant numbers of international students adds cultural and intellectual diversity and permits students to learn about the world from students from many countries.

Why a degree in International Studies?

A major in International Studies, coupled with studies abroad, will prepare you to live in a complex global environment which increasingly seeks trained specialists.collage  After completing the B.A. in International Studies, students have a wide variety of career opportunities. 

  • Many are in one of several different federal agencies (the Foreign Service, State Department, the United States Information Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of Defense)
  • Numerous career opportunities exist within intergovernmental bodies (such as the United Nations or European Union) or Non-Governmental Organizations (like Amnesty International or Doctors Without Borders)  
  • Many domestic businesses and multinational corporations recognize the need for employees with training and degrees in International Studies  to supplement  those with more technically specialized business degrees. 
  • Many of our students also decide to further their education at the graduate or professional level, preparing for careers in such fields as business, law, history, politics, journalism, and the arts.  As a classic liberal arts major, International Studies provides excellent preparation for any graduate or professional school.