Agribusiness Presentation

Agribusiness Comprehensive

In the University of Nebraska at Kearney's agribusiness program, you will learn how to integrate economics, finance, marketing, accounting and management concepts to agricultural businesses. In addition to required business courses, the agribusiness program requires courses in farm and ranch management, agricultural marketing, agricultural price analysis and agricultural finance. Supplemental required coursework include electives such as soil science, agronomy and remote sensing where you will develop expertise in your area of interest. You will study under committed faculty who bring a "real world" perspective into the classroom and provide a variety of hands-on experiences which help put principles into practice.

Graduate Salaries



$20,000 - 49,999




Career Opportunities with this Degree

  • Grain buyer and merchandiser
  • Production supply manager
  • Ag loan and finance officer
  • Crop consultant
  • Agricultural sales
  • Insurance sales and adjusting
  • Farm and ranch owner/operator
  • Food processing
  • Agricultural marketing and management

Job Placements

based on 95% response rate of CBT graduates

100% Placed


95% Full-Time


5% Graduate School

Graduate School

Principles and concepts of agribusiness

  • Forecast future economic conditions and develop proactive strategic plans
  • Identify problems and turn them into opportunities
  • Develop decision-making capabilities
  • Interact with agribusiness professionals
  • Develop social and ethical responsibility and behavior
  • Understand the challenges and the opportunities in the food industry

Alumni Profile

Jacob Findley

Jacob Findley

Jacob says his experiences at UNK helped transform him from a shy to a much more outgoing person. He was lucky to meet some great guys his freshman year who thought they should participate in almost every intramural activity that UNK has to offer. Jacob appreciates how challenging his courses were, and has no doubt, that much of his career success so far can be credited to his professors.

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