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Welcome to the Office of the University Registrar Faculty and Staff Resource page! Here you will find useful information regarding advising, grading, graduation, registration, and transfer credit. While we have worked to ensure that our most frequently discussed topics are included on this page, we are always working to provide more information. Should you find an additional topic that you would like covered, please reach out to our office.

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myblue Faculty Dates to Remember

CIM Faculty Dates to Remember

CLSS Faculty Dates to Remember


Advisor Picks

How Advisors View Early-Term Grades

Senior Check


Degree Works Overview

LOPERs General Studies

Duplication Rules (Overlap)

CIM Course and Program

CIM Video Tutorials

Creating a New Program in CIM

Editing a Program in CIM

Creating a Course in CIM

Editing a Course in CIM

Curriculum Inventory Management System

CIM is the workflow system for managing all course and program (major/minor) changes. Contact Joel Cardenas at cardenasjc@unk.edu for assistance with logging in to the system or completing proposals.

CIM Courses: https://nextcatalog.unk.edu/courseadmin

CIM Programs: https://nextcatalog.unk.edu/programadmin

For more information, visit the CIM Information page.

Program Proposal
(For any degree program, endorsement, supplemental endorsement, minor or pre-professional program).

Certificate Forms

Course Forms

CLSS - Class Section Scheduler

CLSS is the web-based course scheduling process for UNK. CLSS allows department chairs to plan and update their courses in compliance with institutional scheduling rules that are built into the software.  Departments have access to tools for visualizing class distribution throughout the day, adding courses into valid meeting times and publishing course offerings to MyBLUE. The CLSS process routes new courses and changes to existing courses through the approval process by using workflow to alert Deans, E-campus and the Finance Office of changes and additions to the course offerings. 

Access CLSS: https://nextcatalog.unk.edu/wen

     Use your UNK Username and password to log into the CLSS system.

Spring 2025 Class Schedule

Summer 2024 Class Schedule

Class Schedule Action Summer 2024

Assigning Dates for Summer Sections in CLSS

CLSS Quick Reference Guide

Assigning Dates for Sections in CLSS

Creating Blended Sections

CLSS Help Videos

     To access the links below, log into CLSS, select the help icon found in the upper right corner, and select University of Nebraska Kearney.

Course Leaf CLSS Instances   clss-2.png

Snapper Screen: https://luc.courseleaf.com/help/clss/snapper/

Scheduling Unit Screen: https://luc.courseleaf.com/help/clss/schunit/

Section Editor: https://luc.courseleaf.com/help/clss/offeringeditor/

Linked Sections: https://luc.courseleaf.com/help/clss/offeringeditor/linkedsection/

Filter Criteria: https://luc.courseleaf.com/help/clss/filters/

     If you have questions about schedule production or making changes to the existing class schedule, contact the Registrar’s Office at 308-865-8527.