Transcript Request Policies


Only University of Nebraska at Kearney (Kearney State College) transcripts are issued. Transcripts from other institutions cannot be issued by UNK. If you need a transcript from another college or university, please contact that institution. Any transfer credits (total credit hours) accepted by University of Nebraska at Kearney are posted on the UNK transcript.

How to Request an Official Transcript

How to Request a Paper Transcript Only (transcript will be sent via US Postal mail) - No Fee

How to Request an Electronic Transcript (transcript will be sent via email) - $5 Fee

Not available if you attended before Fall 1990.

How to Request Paper and/or Electronic Transcript through MyBlue

  • Both paper and electronic transcript requests can be made on MyBlue.  To log into MyBlue, you must know your NUID and Password. From the menu, select Academics, Request Transcript. MyBlue offers two options; paper transcript or electronic transcript. 

For NUID and password assistance, please contact:

IT Services Help Desk

Processing Time

  • Students are encouraged to order transcripts well in advance of any deadline.

  • Normal processing time: 3 to 4 Business Days.

  • High-demand processing time (beginning of the semester, final grading, end of the semester): 2 to 4 weeks.

Transcript Delivery

  • Transcripts cannot be faxed to the recipient.

  • Transcripts are mailed by regular US Mail.

  • Arrangements to use a third party courier service must be made by the student and coordinated with the Transcript Clerk.

  • Timely delivery is not guaranteed by the Registrar’s Office

  • An electronic transcript allows for expedited service and is processed the same day as requested. The electronic transcript option is not available to students who attended prior to Fall 1990 .

  • Email delivery is available only to those students who request an electronic transcript ($5.00 fee).

  • Students who opt to pick up a transcript in person will receive an email notification when the document is ready.  A photo ID must be presented at the time of pick up. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are transcripts available in any format other than paper?

For students who attended Fall 1990 or after, two formats are available. Both formats are considered secure, official documents.

  1. Traditional paper transcript (no fee). 
  2. Electronic transcript ($5.00 per transcript).

Students who attended prior to Fall 1990 must request a traditional paper transcript, as those records are not available in an electronic format.

Is there a fee for a transcript?

Traditional paper transcripts: no fee.

Electronic transcript: $5.00 per transcript. The electronic transcript option is not available to students who attended prior to Fall 1990.

Can I pick up my transcript?

Yes, you must indicate at the time of request that you plan to pick up the document. You will be notified by email or telephone when the document is ready. A photo ID is required as proof of identification. Transcripts delivered to the student will carry a designation “Issued to Student” and may be deemed as unofficial by some institutions.

Can my transcript be faxed or emailed to my designated recipient?

Under university policy, the official transcript cannot be faxed. Transcripts are sent by regular US mail to the designated recipient. The Registrar’s Office cannot guarantee the delivery date.

Email delivery is available only to those students who request the electronic transcript ($5.00 fee).

Students who attended prior to Fall 1990 are not eligible for the electronic transcript option, as those records are not in an electronic format.

How do I contact the Registrar’s Office?

2504 9th Avenue
Warner Hall
Kearney, NE 68849

1601 University Dr
University Residence North, Pod A
Kearney, NE 68845

Phone: 308-865-8527
Fax: 308-865-8484

When will my credit card be charged for an electronic transcript?

Your credit card will authorize the purchase amount at the time you place your order. Once the document has been fully processed and sent out, the credit card will be charged. Electronic transcripts are usually processed the same day the request is received. 

How do I open an electronic transcript?

Electronic transcripts are in PDF format and require the most up-to-date version of Adobe Reader. A web search of “free Adobe Reader” will provide a link for installation. Once installation is complete, follow the email instructions provided with the electronic transcript.

Can I forward an electronic transcript to another party?

No, electronic transcripts should never be forwarded or replicated. The University of Nebraska at Kearney will not certify the authenticity of any electronic transcript that is replicated or forwarded to any person or organization other than the intended recipient. 

Does the electronic transcript carry an expiration date?

Yes, the recipient has 30 days to download the electronic transcript. Recipients receive an email reminder a few days prior to the expiration date.

Why does my electronic transcript say “Copy of Official Transcript” when printed?

An electronic transcript is considered official only in PDF format and when viewed on the computer. If printed, the document becomes unofficial. The watermark provides security to the document and prevents unauthorized duplication of your record.

The recipient didn't receive the email notification to download the electronic transcript. Now what?

Some email systems have preset filters that scan and block incoming email. The recipient should check the junk, clutter or spam folders in their email. In some instances, a firewall will prevent delivery of the electronic transcript and it will be necessary to use an alternate email address.