Health Science Programs at UNK

UNK is leading the way in preparing students for healthcare careers. Students in our pre-professional medical programs have great success with acceptance into medical and clinical schools for many reasons. Smaller class sizes allow individualized attention and one-on-one opportunities to research with dedicated professors. Job shadowing, volunteering, and internships provide experiential learning. Our campus size makes it easy to get involved with organizations that help build leadership skills. Academic advising, mentoring, and guidance in applying to schools and entrance exams give students a competitive edge.

All this and our partnerships with the University of Nebraska Medical Center, area hospitals and numerous medical clinics make UNK a top school to create an exceptional experience that leads you on a path to success in a healthcare profession.

Our Numbers Do The Talking


3-year average acceptance rate to clinical and professional schools among UNK students for all health programs (2021-2023).


UNK grads accepted into medical schools (3 year average) compared to <10% of all nationwide applicants.


Students enrolled in a health science area, the largest program at UNK.

Data calculated from WebAdmit and other communications.

Experiential Learning

Emily Buck

"I chose to study radiology because I went through a lot of scans at a young age and know how scary or uncomfortable it can be." "I want to be able to comfort people who are in that situation, and let them know that I am there for them and am doing everything I can to help them." "The advisers in the department are amazing, and as students, we work together to do well in classes and be the best we can be. We all like to help each other out."

Emily Buck

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