About the Department

The Health Sciences department at the University of Nebraska at Kearney helps you find your way to a career in a health profession by advising you on your academic path to specific professional schools and clinical programs, and helping you apply.

Coming to UNK is one of the best decisions you can make to start your career in health. The acceptance rate of UNK students to all our various health programs has been approximately 70% over the last 10 years. Small class sizes, dedicated faculty who are researchers AND teach give students the direct attention they need. At UNK you can work alongside faculty in chemistry and biology on programs like INBRE and other undergraduate research programs that can lead to publication – giving you the competitive edge in grad schools and jobs.

Our new Health Science Education Complex, and our partnership with University of Nebraska Medical Center and Kearney’s two hospitals and numerous medical clinics make Kearney your best place to be in health sciences.

Beyond the Classroom

The University of Nebraska at Kearney's Health Sciences Department has years of experience in preparing students for the many different career paths in the health sciences field. Through student organizations, internships, and scholarships, students have multiple opportunities to be involved with their major and other students as well.

Student Orgs and Resources

Student Organizations & Resources

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Experiential Learning

  • Shadowing Observation experience is essential for students pursuing a health care career. Job shadowing allows one to preview professions of interest. Observation also allows one to explore a variety of career settings, such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, private clinics, and schools.
  • Volunteering When we volunteer our time, money, or talents, we help make our planet a better, happier home where people work together to make life easier for all.
  • Area Health Education Center (AHEC) The Nebraska AHEC Program provides educational programs and services that bridge academic institutions and communities to improve the health of Nebraskans with a focus on rural and underserved populations.
  • UNMC at UNK The HSEC is a collaboration between two UNMC colleges, the College of Allied Health Professions and College of Nursing, and two universities, the University of Nebraska at Kearney and University of Nebraska Medical Center. Housing more than a dozen health professions education programs, the HSEC promotes an interprofessional environment for students, faculty and staff
  • Health Careers Fair Save the date: September 29, 2021. Learn about future career opportunities, while also exploring other interests.
  • Health Science Explorers Pipeline Experiences HS Explorer’s pipeline is a series of healthcare opportunities for grades 7 – 12
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  • Kearney Health Opportunities Program (KHOP) The purpose of the program is to recruit and educate students from rural Nebraska who are committed to returning to rural Nebraska to practice healthcare. This program represents a commitment and dedication to the education of Nebraskans and quality health care for citizens of the state.
  • Public Health Early Admission Student Track (PHEAST) The purpose of PHEAST is to create a pipeline and cadre of public health professionals who will practice in Nebraska.