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About the Health Sciences, B.S.

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The Health Sciences Degree provides an interdisciplinary foundation for a large variety of health-related careers. This degree is ideal for students who wish to enter a non-clinical health career such as medical case management, corporate wellness, human services, medical sales, pharmaceuticals sales and distribution, and more. Health Science graduates may also be qualified to enter professional health science programs, such as physical therapy, nursing or radiography. This degree may also be attractive to current health practitioners interested in earning a Bachelor’s degree to provide opportunities for advancement and to increase their competitiveness in the job market.

Non-Clinical Career Options

  • Children’s Care Manager
  • Client/Patient Advocate
  • Family Services Counselor
  • Independent Living Specialist
  • Lobbyist/Health Care Advocate
  • Medical Equipment Marketing and Sales
  • Social Services Case Manager
  • Wellness Coordinator
  • Claims Reviewer
  • Community Relations Coordinator
  • Health Benefits Manager
  • Insurance Sales
  • Medical and Health Service Managers
  • Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Substance Abuse Counselor
Brittany Zimmerman

"I saw where my parents were and the mistakes they made with their life."  "I wanted to be able to make my family better. I wanted to be the person my siblings could look up to, because they had no one else to look up to."

"My whole thought process through all my education – middle school, high school, college – was always a part of that. I never wasn’t thinking about how excited I was to go to college, to be able to get a degree, to be able to be on my own, to be something better than what was put in front of me in the first place."

Brittany Zimmerman

Health Sciences