Health Science Workshop Series

Because there's more to it than good grades and classes. Let us help!

HSCI 101

Who: Freshmen, transfers and any student new to Health Sciences.

When: 3-4 sessions will be offered every Fall semester.

Why: Learn about all the HSCI resources available to you and what it will take to be a competitive professional school applicant.

Build Your Skills

Who: Any HSCI student wanting help with organization, time- management, study skills etc.

When: Beginning of semester(s) (1 Fall and 1 Spring).

Why: Success now is required for success later.

Get Out There, Get Experiance

Who: All HSCI students. It's never too early to get in the field.

WhenA session will be offered each semester (Fall and Spring).

WhyYou don't know what you don't know, go and experience your future career for yourself. Shadowing and interning are required for some but are beneficial for all.

Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail 

Who: All HSCI students.

WhenSpring semester.

WhyMore to it than classes and good grades. Learn to identify and evaluate professional schools, entrance exams and opportunities like study abroad. Maybe you've changed your mind and need to change your program. It's important to know what your options are.

Test Prep So You Test Your Best

Who: All HSCI students with an entrance exam in their future.

When: Session offered in the Fall. In addition, faculty offer test prep Monday and Wednesday nights during the Spring semester.

WhyEntrance exams are tough. Get to know the MCAT / DAT / OAT / PCAT / GRE well before test day.

Writing Your Personal Statement 

Who: All HSCI students whose application process is on the horizon.

WhenSpring semester is best for those applying in Summer/Fall.

WhyPersonal statements and letters of recommendation are crucial elements of your app. Learn how to do it well.

Interviewing for Professional School 

Who: Students preparing to apply in the coming academic year.

WhenSpring semester.

Why: You're not really asking "why?" are you?

Application Assistance 

Who: All HSCI students

WhenEach modality/program will vary. The Health Science Programs Office will send notifications accordingly.

WhyThere is a lot to the app process, let us help!