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UNK Housing offers a variety of housing options for students to reside in.  Our residence halls are close to campus services and campus activities.

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We are excited to have you join our campus community.  As a member of our community, you will continue to build your connections by participating in our floor socials and attending Community Council.  Check out these pages to learn more about living on campus.

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Mantor/Randall Halls
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Students living on campus will have access to the UNK high speed network

UNK Housing Contact Information 

Phone: 308-865-8519

Email: housing@unk.edu 

Meal Plan Rates 2024-2025 (Per Semester Rates)

Students have busy schedules, so forget about meal prep and dishes. Choose from one of these flexible Meal Plans with a designated number of visits to the main dining centers, as well as dollars for campus restaurants and coffee shops, all within walking distance.

All you care to eat – Visit the dining halls as often as you want until meals are exhausted. If you want to enjoy the made-from-scratch cooking in the dining hall with the convenience of take-out, ask about the To Go program. 

Meal Plan Requirement
Please note: All students who live in the residence halls during the academic year (fall and spring semesters) are required to select a meal plan option. View more information on Meal Plans.  

Loper Plan
  • 220 Block Meals
  • 580 Dining Dollars = approx. 97 retail meals

By the week: 14 Block Meals + 6 Retail Meals = 20 meals/week

Gold Plan
  • 160 Block Meals
  • 460 Dining Dollars = approx. 77 retail meals

By the week: 10 Block Meals + 5 Retail Meals = 15 meals/week

Blue Plan
  • 120 Block Meals
  • 340 Dining Dollars = approx. 57 retail meals

By the week: 7 Block Meals + 4 Retail Meals = 11 meals/week

DIAMOND 200 Plan
    • 200 Block Meals
    • Exchange (Exchange a block meal for $8.50 credit in retail locations)
DIAMOND 100 Plan
    • 100 Block Meals
    • Exchange (Exchange a block meal for $8.50 credit in retail locations)
Commuter Meal Plans

COMMUTER 20+ - $400.00

  • 20 Block Meals
  • 200 Dining Dollars

COMMUTER 20 - $300.00

  • 20 Block Meals
  • 100 Dining Dollars 

COMMUTER 15 - $250.00

  • 15 Block Meals
  • 75 Dining Dollars

*The Diamond and Commuter meal plans include the Unlimited Beverage Subscription. The Unlimited Beverage Subscription applies to drip coffee and fountain beverages ONLY.

*Residential Plans expire at the end of each semester.

Central Community College students living on campus have the ability to opt into campus services while they live on campus. The fees associated with these campus services will be billed each semester to the student's CCC Student Account. Additional services available include:

2023-2024 Fees



Health and Counseling

Access to a campus health clinic

Student Events

Access to UNK athletic and performing arts events.

Wellness Center

Access to the UNK Wellness Center, climbing wall, Cushing Fieldhouse, and HPER gym.

Student Parking Permit

Purchasing a permit would have the ability to park on campus