Centennial Towers East and West

CTE and CTW are unique buildings on the north end of campus. Having a private bathroom connected to two rooms is a huge bonus. Each building has seen recent renovations and offer plenty of amenities within.

  • Close to Union and dining options
  • Home to four Living Learning Communities
  • Lounge and study spaces on each floor
  • Large social and gathering space
  • 2 rooms with shared bathroom
  • Residents are responsible for bathroom cleanliness
  • Loft rental available
  • MicroFridge provided in each room

plan_semisuiteCentennial Towers East


Kearney BoundKearney Health Opportunities


Freshman Tower Singles

  • Limited number, first come first serve
  • Room selection in February
  • Shared bathroom with 2 suitemates
  • Loft rental available

Premium Upperclass Student Options

Deluxe Doubles - CTE/CTW

  • Separate living and sleeping rooms
  • Private bathroom shared with one roommate

CTE/CTW Room Detail Information Sheet