Fix Something in My Room


Custodial & Facility Issues

For issues with your residence hall room, bathroom (suite or community), common area, or custodial needs, use this form.  Please ensure the correct room space is selected from the drop down menu.  In rare cases, if you do not know the specific space choose BLDG (Entire Building).  If this is necessary, be specific in the Request box so that Facilities personnel can understand the area you are referencing.  

Examples of work requests can include issues such as light bulb replacement, door hardware, air conditioning/heating, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, pest control, common area cleaning, ice machines, and appliance service (common kitchenettes and Antelope/Nester suites only).  Please note that during seasonal transition periods, air conditioning/heating adjustment in buildings is limited based on long-term forecasts.

UNK Facilities Work Request Site


Furniture Repair & Replacement

For issues with the furniture provided in your room including bed, chair, desk, dresser, loft kit, mattress, MicroFridge, and side table, submit a Furniture Repair/Replace Form.

Antelope/Nester and Village Flats residents may also use this form for furniture provided in the suite including armchair, coffee table, dinette stools, and sofa.

When submitting a request, be ready to submit the Residence Life Barcode Number that is associated with your furniture item. This number is located on a white sticker that looks like this:

Residence Life Barcode Number

For work requests other than the aforementioned furniture pieces, complete the embedded form on the 'Facilities' tab of this page.

No longer are the days of bringing rolls of quarters to the laundry room. ASI/Mac-Gray Campus Laundry Solutions is the only company dedicated solely to laundry solutions for colleges and universities and the provider at UNK. With a resident's per semester laundry fee, you have round the clock and unlimited access to your facility's laundry room with multiple washing machines and dryers. Only HE "High Efficiency" detergent is to be used in the machines. See Detergent 101 for helpful tips!


To report malfunctioning or broken machines:

Secure W2 JoinNow is a new software the UNK ITS department has deployed for users to effortlessly and reliably connect to the eduroam wireless network. Start by clicking on the operating system of the device you want to connect.

  1. Download and run the program
  2. When prompted, enter your Full email address in the username text box and your UNK password

All residence halls have wireless internet service. If you are having difficulty connecting, please visit the ITS website for directions on how to connect or contact the Help Desk at 865-8363.


Cable/Internet Connection Issues

If you are having problems with the cable or internet connection, contact the Information Technology Services Helpdesk:

In Person: East Entrance Meeting (corner of 8th Ave and 25th St), 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday - Friday.