Residence Life Employment

Employment opportunities for students are plentiful within the Office of Residence Life.  In addition to offering numerous full-time and professional positions, the department is one of the largest employers of students at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.  Student staff positions are varied. Working as a student staff member provides a great opportunity to develop work skills and gain experiences.

The Office of Residence Life at the University of Nebraska at Kearney offers full-time Residence Hall Coordinator positions and graduate-level Graduate Hall Director positions. More information can be found below and on the UNK employment opportunities webpage.

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Graduate Hall Director (GHD)

Graduate Hall Directors (GHD) are responsible for the development of a supportive, functioning community within a residence hall, ranging in size from 85 to 400 residents.  GHDs supervise a paraprofessional staff, advise individual students and student groups, work to resolve the behavioral problems of students and assist in the management of their residence halls.  As staff members with the Office of Residence Life, GHDs work cooperatively with other Residence Life staff and other Student Affairs offices at the University of Nebraska Kearney. GHDs are hired by the department as positions become available. Traditionally, hiring takes place at the end of the fall and/or spring semester.  Specifics concerning qualifications and job duties for the GHD position may be reviewed in the GHD job description.  The Office of Residence Life interviews local UNK undergraduates, graduates, and graduate assistant applicants for UNK graduate programs candidates and occasionally attends the Oshkosh Placement Exchange before making official job offers to candidate

Residence Hall Coordinator

Residence Hall Coordinators supervise hall personnel and total educational and developmental programs within a residence hall; serves as advisor to hall government officers, committees, boards, groups and individual students; selects, trains and evaluates staff; conducts disciplinary meetings and/or makes referrals; establishes relationship with custodial and maintenance staff; serves on departmental and University committees; initiates and implements hall financial procedures; maintains all records; and represents the Office of Residence Life to parents, guests and members of the university community.

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On-campus employment offers the convenience of working for employers who are flexible with students' class schedules, walking between work and class.

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Desk Assistant - Desk Assistants provide information, support and services to residents. These functions are varied and extensive.

Contact Information: Matt Allbright (Assistant Director of Operations) 308-865-4800 or

Resident Assistant:

As a front line employee, it is the Resident Assistant’s responsibility, under the direction of the immediate supervisor and the Office of Residence Life, to

    • Serve as a representative of UNK and the Office of Residence Life
    • Assist department in educating residents
    • Serve as a resource for residents
    • Facilitate the development of community
    • Enforce policies and procedures as stated in the Student Handbook and Residence Life Staff Manual
    • Assist with administrative tasks.
    • Employment Period: Fall 2021 – Spring 2022
    • Application: Available via Handshake
    • Application Due: February 7th at 5:00 pm

Contact Information: Luke Else (Residence Hall Coordinator), 308-865-4820, 

Summer Residence Assistant - Summer Resident Assistants perform many of the same duties as an academic year Resident Assistant. Summer RAs will serve the residents living on-campus while taking academic classes during the summer terms.

Summer Conference Assistant - Conference Assistants works at the conference front desks and provides outstanding customer service to guests. Conference Assistants may also assist with departmental special projects. These functions are varied and extensive.