Be HERE. Half Price Single Room Upgrade Opportunity.

In response to Nebraska University’s mission to accommodate the needs of students during the COVID-19 pandemic, UNK is offering students living in the residence hall an exclusive Academic Year 2020-2021 offer - Half Price Single Room Upgrades. For $300 more a semester - $600 for the year, you may choose to live in a single room, with no roommate, for the upcoming academic year. 

A single room will be assigned if the selection in MyBLUE is made by May 25.  This opportunity may provide peace of mind to further promote social distancing in addition to measures UNK will already be taking this fall to encourage safe practices to limit exposure and potential spread of the virus.

Steps to Confirm a Single Room:

Log-inMyBLUE > Tools > Campus Housing > 2020-2021 Academic Year housing contract 

Go to: Step 5 - Hall Preference

  • Change Preference 1: to your preferred ‘Residence Hall– Single' room option. 
  • If you are not assigned to a Living Learning Community, also choose Preference 2 ‘Residence Hall-Single’. Top preferences are assigned based on your housing contract sign date.

When the ‘Single’ private-room selection is made in MyBLUE by May 25, you will be assigned a single room and your roommate match will end.

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