Connect to Eduroam

UNK has 100% indoor coverage in all the UNK buildings and many outdoor locations.  Eduroam is also available to visitors from other eduroam-enabled institutions. 

Connect to eduroam

Faculty, Staff and Students

You will need to know your Campus Identity to connect to Eduroam.  If you don't know your Campus Identity, go to on your mobile device or a public computer on campus to claim your identity.

How to connect your computers and mobile devices to Eduroam?

Register IoT Device

Directions on how to register your IoT device?
Internet of Things (IoT) includes streaming devices, BluRays, DVRs, SmartTVs

UNK Visitors - Connect to NUGuest

How to connect to the NUGuest wireless network? 
NUGuest is a free service intended for use by visitors requiring short-term access to the wireless network to perform general Internet activities.