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The Department of History at the University of Nebraska at Kearney provides instruction, research, and service that are representative of today’s world. Our courses prepare students for a variety of careers from graduate and law schools, to public history and secondary teaching, to business and industry. Our faculty teach courses at all levels from freshmen surveys through graduate seminars. Many have won awards that recognize the high quality of their scholarship, teaching and service.

Here you can study in four undergraduate degree options, with three options for minors – and we offer a bachelor’s degree entirely online. Our public and digital history minor and graduate level public and digital history emphasis offerings at UNK let you explore the creation and dissemination of history by and for public audiences, such as Public History, Museums and Archives, Public History Administration, Digital History, and Community History and Preservation. If you’re looking for a Master’s degree program, our online program is ranked one of the best. Students can choose to complete the non-thesis, thesis, or public history options.

Cole Kruger

"This semester I have the pleasure of teaching HIST 188 –“the History of Warfare,” which is a brief survey of world military history. With the increasing growth, popularity, and at times necessity of online learning in academia, combined with the rapid advances in educational technology, have created an opportunity for faculty to examine the role of multimedia within their courses. In this course we will use a variety of multimedia strategies, such as video lectures, documentaries, and podcasts, that allow a student to remain engaged in academic objectives on a more flexible schedule without diminishing the importance of the content and the integrity of the institution."


Cole Kruger



Beyond the Classroom

At the University of Nebraska at Kearney, we believe in providing opportunities for students to help them excel in their field. The History Department allows students to get involved early and often, with multiple organizations, scholarships, and opportunities to expand your horizons while growing in the field and furthering your career experience. 

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Public and digital history students have a number of opportunities to collaborate with UNK's partners in the Kearney Community. For online students, taking public and digital history courses allows students the opportunity to work with institutions such as museums, national parks, and archives.

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Student Opportunities

  • Public and Digital History The public and digital history offerings at UNK allow students to explore a variety of aspects within the profession, which is dedicated to the creation and dissemination of history by and for public audiences. With both undergraduate and graduate course offerings, students can explore topics such as Public History, Museums and Archives, Public History Administration, Digital History, and Community History and Preservation.
  • Experiential Learning The real world often becomes your classroom. Be it an internship, a research project, a summer abroad, or a semester on another campus on the other side of the continent, most students have at least one or two “out-of-the-classroom” experiences.
  • Graduate School
  • Law School
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  • Copley Family Scholarship This scholarship shall be awarded to a student majoring in History, Social Science or English with a minimum 2.5 GPA and have been a graduate of a Nebraska high school. Financial need is a primary criteria.
  • Gene Hamaker Memorial Scholarship This scholarship shall be awarded to incoming freshman, upper-class and graduate students majoring in History. The award shall be based on academic performance. Incoming freshman recipients shall declare a History major and enroll in a History course. Upper-class recipients shall be majoring in History and complete at least one 3 hour upper division (300-400 level) course. Graduate students shall also complete History courses during semesters receiving scholarships.
  • James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation
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