Share the story of the past with a Master's in Public History

Public history is a rapidly growing subfield of historical study, defined by its emphasis on sharing history with public audiences. UNK's Public History M.A. program will provide you with a theoretical grounding in the principles of public history, practical training in public history methods, and substantial experiential learning opportunities to make you a competitive candidate in the field. Graduates of the program will be qualified for jobs as museum directors, curators, living history interpreters, museum educators, historic preservationists, archivists, and more. 

Prerequisites: A bachelor’s degree with at least 18 hours of history

Career Opportunities with a Master's in Public History

  • Museum Director
  • Curator
  • Registrar
  • Collections Manager
  • Visitor Services Associate
  • Docent/Tour Guide
  • Living History Interpreter
  • Museum Educator
  • Historic Preservationist
  • Cultural Resource Management
  • History Consultant
  • Archivist

"There's a lot of opportunity (in UNK's graduate History program) just to collaborate with the program. For a lot of students, they might not have a lot of that hands on working with a museum, working as a nonprofit, working on the projects...And so having students have that availability to work with artifacts, work with a budget, work with different things like that, that you don't really get taught from a book, is invaluable."


Micah Huyser

History M.A.

Benefits of a Master's Degree

A graduate degree helps you advance your career by qualifying for higher positions with additional leadership opportunities. The median salary for those with master’s degrees is 16% higher than for those with an undergraduate degree, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.