Undergraduate Research Fellows

This program is designed to create new opportunities for undergraduate research and provides a $1,000 annual stipend to students to participate in activities and projects tailored to their academic major. Such efforts will develop student understanding of scholarly inquiry, skills associated with research and creative activity, and an ability to design and complete your own scholarly projects.

Read the FY 15-16 Assessment Report.


To be eligible for an undergraduate research fellowship, students must be eligible to work in the United States. Faculty must have at least one scholarly work in the past three years. The faculty mentor must be at UNK during the term of the Fellowship.


The first step in the application process is to talk to faculty in your area of interest, and find a faculty member willing to be your mentor. Qualified faculty should have a track record of scholarly productivity and of mentoring student research projects. Once you find a mentor, work with them to develop an appropriate project.

The application package will include:

  • A 300 word project description, which clearly describes 1) a Learning Objective, and 2) a Plan of Activities (see the "Writing a Learning Objective" section below for more information on this part of the application)
  • An essay from the student describing the value they see in a research experience
  • A support statement from the mentor, which includes a citation for one of their scholarly works in the past three years.

Application Submission

Submit this application package by 4 p.m. on the appropriate deadline date through our on-line application system.

URF Application through NURamp

How to submit your URF application on NURamp tutorial video

Application Date     Decision Date    

November 15         December 2

April 29*                 April 28                     

*The due date has been extended to April 29 to accommodate for remote access due to COVID-19.

*Note: 2019-2020 Fellows who wish to continue in 2020-2021 must go through the full application process.

Download the URF Project Report Form: URF Project Report

URF Project Report deadline will be extended to April 29th.

Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity, Conrad Hall #115, 308-865-8702 for more information.

Writing a Learning Objective

URF applications must specify learning objectives for the student.  These objectives should be developed collaboratively, so both the student and the mentor understand and agree to the objectives. 

 1) The Learning Objective(s)

This should define what the student will take away from the experience. Try to answer the question, "what will the student gain for their future?" You can write this by thinking of CAB or Condition, Audience, Behavior. For example, “By reviewing and analyzing research on motivation in the classroom (C), Jane Doe (A) will develop an understanding of how to conduct and write a literature review (b)”, or “By performing DEXA scans of human subjects, (C), Jim Doe (A) will learn to collect and analyze body composition data using the DEXA machine (b).” Essentially, what will be done, who will do it, and what will they gain from it. Note bene, learning objectives are not the same as research objectives, which address specific products from the research or creative activity.   

 Common skills and abilities gained from URF projects include learning methodologies of the discipline, project design, academic writing, public speaking, data collection, and equipment usage.

 2) The plan of activities

This should briefly describe the activities that the student will complete to achieve the learning objective (s).