Welcome to Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity

The Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity seeks to provide UNK students opportunities to participate in out-of-class research. Programs are designed to create opportunities for undergraduate students to engage in original scholarship under the guidance of a faculty mentor sit centrally within the institution’s mission and vision.

The Undergraduate Research Fellows and Summer Student Research Program (SSRP) support experiential learning. Students work one on one with a faculty mentor through all stages of a student-driven research project including study conceptualization, data collection, and dissemination as well as all the unforeseen adaptations associated with research. The positive effects of the URF experience diffuses into student learning, attitude, and career choices that has both professional and personal benefits.

Why Research and Creative Activity?

The benefits of research and creative activity extend beyond content and include higher levels of thinking/processing. These transferable skills extend to all environments, disciplines, and walks of life. Benefits to students who partake in undergraduate research include:

  • Understanding research methodologies within a discipline
  • Independent work and thought
  • Problem-solving
  • Written and oral communication
  • Graduate school/research opportunities
  • Career insight
  • Self-efficacy
Cy Cannon

"Undergraduate Research at UNK is a great way to customize your learning experience outside of the classroom. I got to work with the faculty in my department and conduct research on topics that I was passionate about. I conducted research over the Moth Effect and built a 3D driving simulator that my participants could interact with to collect data. My mentors were amazing to work with, and helped me advance my skills and knowledge. UNK is a fantastic place to hone in on what you are passionate about through research."

Cy Cannon