Summer Student Research Program

2018 SSRP Assessment (.pdf)

The Summer Student Research Program (SSRP) supports independent student research and scholarly activity each summer. The program is open to students from all disciplines, and is structured to enrich the educational experience in several ways.

First, SSRP enables students to engage in original research and creative activity under the guidance of a faculty mentor. This opportunity to work closely with an expert gives the student a chance to expand their knowledge of a chosen academic discipline. Secondly, because this work is independent of the structured classroom setting, students experience the excitement and challenges of applying their knowledge and skills in their chosen academic discipline. Finally, students draw on their general studies coursework and learn about other disciplines, broadening their understanding of the differences and connections between various fields of study.

The program begins in late May. Students should regularly meet with their mentors and will participate in biweekly meetings. These discussions are meant to foster awareness of disciplines outside their major, and may include topics like  ethics, the use of statistics, or the creative process in the arts. Meetings end by August 1, and students must complete their projects and submit a research paper (or discipline specific product) before the beginning of the new academic year. In October each year, students then present their work on posters and in oral presentations in the Fall Student Research Symposium.