Research Week

UNK’s Research Week is an annual event held each spring for students in all disciplines to present their scholarly work. Students’ research accomplishments and the important role faculty play as mentors are both highlighted. Any UNK student engaged in mentored research or creative activity is eligible and encouraged to participate, even if their work was not funded through UNK.

Presentations include poster sessions, oral presentations, musical performances, and art exhibitions. Poster and oral presentations are judged and awards are given at a reception at the end of the event. 

Research Week 2020 Schedule

After consulting with a number of concerned faculty and students, we are delaying Research Week 2020 by two weeksWe believe this delay will allow students and faculty enough time to get used to the new normal and allow for the events of Research Week to be engaging and enriching for the UNK community.

We look forward to providing an innovative platform for our students to present their work. We also are conscious of the significant burdens that the COVID-19 pandemic is placing on all of us, including psychological distress. While we encourage/hope all students and faculty will be able to participate, we recognize that not all are in a position take part in the Research Week events. If students do not participate in the event, stipends for URF students and funding for Graduate Assistants will not be impacted.

The Office of Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity, Office of Graduate Studies, and Division of Research are excited to report Research Week festivities have been moved online. This decision was made due to the closure of on campus activities at UNK to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.  We have been hard at work creating a platform that will allow us to capture the spirit of Research Week and display your amazing scholarly contributions to the public!

Research Week will be hosted on Canvas. To register and upload your contribution (e.g. poster, oral presentation, or performance) click on the link below.

Register for Research Week 2020:

Click here to add the Research Week 2020 Canvas Event

Click on the icon that says, “Join this Course”.  This will bring you to the 2-Factor enrollment screen, unless you are already logged in. The next step is to click the blue “Go to the Course” or “Enroll in the Course” icon. At this point you are officially registered and will be able to access research week through your Canvas dashboard. 

Once you have entered the Research Week Canvas page you can access The Undergraduate Research Fair, Graduate Student Research Fair, and New Frontiers & Faculty Research Fair.  Each fair is broken down into the different research presentation formats (Oral, Poster, and Performance). In the Undergraduate Research Fair, the poster presentations are further broken down into disciplines (Professional and Applied Sciences, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Fine Arts and Humanities, and Natural and Physical Sciences). Each presentation category has detailed instructions including video tutorials on how to post your research into the fair on Canvas. Please see the following deadlines for posting your research and making required comments to others.

Deadlines and Due Dates


All Research Projects need to be posted to Canvas by midnight on Friday, April 10th.  Please see instructions on Canvas for your particular research group and category.


By midnight April 14th all students participating in Research Week will need to make a minimum of two substantive comments on research projects/presentations other than your own research project/presentation.  These comments should be about the research presented, or questions directed to the original researcher about their research.  Do not write, “good job” or “cool project!” It is highly encouraged that you offer feedback to projects/presentations that do not have as much peer feedback.  Please be sure to not over saturate comments on a particular project so that all presenters receive feedback.


Students will need to respond to ALL feedback/responses/questions about their individual projects on Canvas by midnight April 16nd


Award ceremony will be announced at 3:30pm. 


Writing Competition

Students participating in oral presentations are eligible to submit a manuscript/paper for the writing competition. All manuscripts/papers are due April 10th.


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