Courses for Spring 2024

Undergraduate Graduate

HIST 110: History of Science & Medicine
HIST 111:  Nebraska in the World
HIST 112: History of Religions in the World
HIST 176:  Democratic Debates
HIST 211: Western Civilization
HIST 215: Introduction to Latin America
HIST 250: American History I (online and on campus)
HIST 251: American History II (online and on campus)
HIST 299: The Historian's Craft
HIST 305: History of Global Public Health
HIST 315: American Military History (online)
HIST 405: The Plains Indians
HIST 421: Women in America (online)
HIST 441: Modern Latin America
HIST 468: Digital History
HIST 475: Internship in History (online and on campus)
HIST 493: Modern Eastern Europe (online)
HIST 495: Topical Studies: History of American Education
HIST 496: Senior Seminar in History (Tudor/Stuart England) 
HIST 499: Independent Study
SOSC 370:  Social Science of the High School (teaching methods class)

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HIST 801: America Interpreted (online)
HIST 803: Historical Methods
HIST 805P: The Plains Indians (on campus)
HIST 841P: Modern Latin America (on campus)
HIST 848-01: Revolutionary America (online)
HIST 848-02: Indigenous Borderlands (online)
HIST 848-03: Great Depression (online)
HIST 848-04: Sports History (online)
HIST 849-01: Renaissance (online)
HIST 849-02: Modern Africa (online)
HIST 849-03: Comparative Communism (online)
HIST 849-04: Death & Cemetery Culture (online)
HIST 865: Public History Methods (online)
HIST 867: Historic Preservation (online)
HIST 875: Internship in History
HIST 891: Directed Research 
HIST 894: Introduction to Thesis
HIST 896: Thesis
HIST 897: Public History Project
HIST 899: Directed Readings

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Tentative Summer 2024 Schedule

Course and Instructor Dates

HIST 251 American History II (Alexander)

5 weeks – June 3-July 5

HIST 305 History of Global Public Health (Vail)

5 weeks – June 17-July 19

HIST 838 National Parks (Stoutamire)

8wks 2nd session – June 3-July 26

HIST 848 Popular Celebrations &American Holidays (Rohrer)

8wks 1st session – May 20-July 12

HIST 848 Civil Rights Movement (Van Ingen)

8wks 3rd session – June 17-Aug 9

HIST 849 Nazi Germany (Homberger)

8 wks 1st session – May 20-July 12

HIST 849 Soviet Union after Stalin (Lilly)

8 wks 2nd session – June 3-July 26