Housing Related COVID-19 Questions

UNK Residence Life is committed to promoting a safe community throughout the academic year and is excited to welcome new and returning students this fall. Residence Life is currently monitoring Covid-19’s impact on our campus and evaluating the impact it could have on the fall.   Residence Life strongly encourages all students, both new and returning, to get vaccinated for our collective well-being and safe return for the fall.  

Student Health is providing vaccinations for students, staff and faculty. Contact Student Health for more information at 308-865-8218 or unkhealth@unk.edu.  Any employee or student who develops symptoms of COVID-19, or is in contact with someone who has COVID-19, must contact the UNK Public Health Center

UNK has established a Covid-19 website with information about the University response.   Please visit https://www.unk.edu/coronavirus/ for additional information.  

Move-In Day

Students and guests should anticipate large crowds on opening day.  Be intentional about wearing a mask if you are not vaccinated. Be mindful of social distancing.

Students should ensure that before they arrive to campus to make sure they and their guests are not running a fever, are not showing symptom of Covid-19, have not been asked to quarantine, and have not been exposed to someone with Covid-19. If they are experiencing these issues, they should contact housing@unk.edu to arrange another move in time. 

The mask policy is established by the university and can be found at https://www.unk.edu/coronavirus/.  It is highly recommended that individuals that are not vaccinated wear a mask when indoors in public areas.   All students should bring a mask or masks to school as policies could change.

Testing Positive for Covid-19
Due to widespread availability of vaccines, students will be encouraged to return home or make other housing arrangements until they have recovered from the virus.  If that is not possible, students will be asked to relocate to a designated on-campus location.   Student will not be permitted to leave their room unless they are seeking medical treatment.  Those individuals placed into temporary isolation housing will be provided additional support services.  Students will complete a daily health check and have their mental health assessed throughout their stay.  No additional fees will be charged.

I am living in a suite with a shared bathroom (CTE, CTW, Antelope or Nester), how often should we clean and disinfect our bathroom?
To mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus, in accordance with the CDC, Residence Life recommends that you clean bathrooms daily. Residence Life recommends suites put together a cleaning schedule that all students will agree on. By putting together an agreed upon cleaning schedule this will ensure all students are taking responsibility of their bathroom.

Will I still need to evacuate if there is an emergency?

Yes, you will still need to evacuate if there is an emergency such as a fire.  We ask that you bring a mask with you and practice proper social distancing when possible. If you are asked to quarantine or are in isolation housing, you will be given special instructions.