About the Department

Welcome to the University of Nebraska at Kearney Department of English. We are happy that you have chosen to pursue your education with us. Our department has a long-standing reputation for outstanding teaching. Members of our faculty are among the best in the nation and publish actively in their specializations. Graduates in our program have gone on to become successful teachers, writers, editors, and scholars, while others have entered careers in business, law, medicine, government, and the arts.

We offer many opportunities for students to gain a richer educational experience: visiting artists and lecturers, workshops, and support for national competitions and student conferences as well as student publications and organizations. We also provide many opportunities for our students to earn scholarships to support their education.

So if you are one with a passion for reading and writing about literature, or for creative expression, we have something to offer you. We look forward to working with you and enriching your life as a student of language and literature.
Heather Breight

“I had always wanted to become a teacher, and my other love was reading - so voilá! - English teacher created. I completed my student teaching semester at Kearney High School and Bryant Elementary in Kearney. It was by far the most important experience I had during my college years. Nothing prepares you to become a teacher like actually getting in there and teaching. Honestly, I wish student teaching was an entire year because there is so much to learn in just eight weeks.”

Heather Breight

Kearney High School

English Teacher

Beyond the Classroom

The University of Nebraska at Kearney's Department of English allows its students to become involved early and often. With opportunities to earn scholarships, internships, and participate in organizations on campus, our students are a step above the rest and have skills that put them ahead in their future careers.    

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Student Organization

  • Sigma Tau Delta Sigma Tau Delta is a national English honorary that has existed on our campus for over eighty years. Students plan various activities throughout the year as well as attend and present papers at the national convention. The Carillon, sponsored by Sigma Tau Delta, is edited by students and features creative writing by students.
  • UNK English Group
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Post-College Opportunities

  • What can I do with an English major? When students ask, "What can I do with an English major?" we respond, "What can't you do with an English major?" Join the Department of English to develop skills of text analysis and written expression and to gain a broad base of knowledge in the humanities. Ask us about designing your own Bachelor of Arts program that suits your needs and interests.
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  • Adams Family English Scholarship
  • Joseph P. Carroll Memorial Scholarship
  • Don Duryea Memorial Scholarship
  • George and J. Paul Fritton Scholarship
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