Student Clubs

Unlock endless possibilities at the College of Business and Technology by joining our vibrant student clubs! Transform your college experience, make lasting connections, and enhance your skills. From networking events to career-building workshops, our clubs offer a dynamic platform to thrive together. Seize the opportunity to grow, learn, and create unforgettable memories. Join us and shape your future success!

Agribusiness Club
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Greg Nies |
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Aviation Student Organization
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Dan Smith |
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Beta Alpha Psi
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sarah Borcher |
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Faculty Advisor: Megan Goeke |
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Cyber Club
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ross Taylor |
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Future Business Leaders of America Collegiate
Faculty Advisor: Theresa Yaw |
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Epsilon Pi Tau
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Tim Obermier |
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Industrial Distribution Organization
Faculty Advisor: Mitch Peter |
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