Homegrown Possibilities Abound at UNK’s AG Business Club

Posted: October 10, 2023 12:00:00 AM CDT

Whether it’s a field trip to Chicago, a fun night of bowling, or learning from a guest speaker, members of the University of Nebraska at Kearney’s AG Business Club enjoy a bounty of opportunities each school year. Facilitated by Dr. Jody Herchenbach and Greg Nies, this student-led organization has been experiencing a revitalization in recent years. Now is a great time to become a part of all that is going on in this exciting club.agribusiness club at the bowling outing

For Dr. Jody Herchenbach, who has a background as a 4-H coordinator, accepting the position as co-advisor “just kind of made sense.” As a college student, she was a participant, making this transition an obvious one. As a professor, Dr. Herchenbach understands that the type of low-key networking offered to members of UNK’s AG Business Club is the perfect starting point for the future careers they can expect to have.

Students don’t have to be agricultural business majors to join the club though. In fact, some students simply join to keep in touch with their agricultural roots. Either way, being a part of this organization is a great way to spend time with others, learn about opportunities, and even give back to the community. 

The AG Business Club meets monthly in West Center with no set time to join. Interested students simply need to show up. Like UNK in general, this club has a relaxed, family atmosphere that is guaranteed to make its members feel welcome. With no dues and ample opportunities for leadership positions, anyone interested in agribusiness owes it to themself to head over to West Center and check out all that is offered.group picture at husker harvest day

Greg Nies, whose background includes nearly two decades working at the crossroads of agribusiness and agricultural law and policy, brings his love of teaching to his position as co-advisor. He recognizes the club as one of the university’s “best kept secrets.” From his vantage point as an assistant professor for agribusiness students, he sees a strong connection between what is learned in the classroom and what happens in the club. He believes the AG Business Club plays a key role in training students for their future professions thanks to “the unique opportunities it provides.”

Like many things, UNK’s AG Business Club took a hit during the pandemic. Thanks to the efforts of some forward-thinking Lopers, the club is making a huge comeback. With advertisements posted around campus, it’s easy for students to find their way to one of the many events planned each year. Roundtable events designed to help students network, opportunities for volunteer work such as available at Kearney’s Gateway Farm Expo, and the many visits from guest speakers are all engineered by current members of UNK’s AG Business Club to help launch future careers for UNK graduates.

two agribusiness students at husker harvest dayAccording to Nies, “students who choose to actively participate” can expect to “lose their myopic view of what agriculture is.” For students who want more than just a job after graduation, he suggests checking out UNK’s AG Business Club to get started on the path of building “successful careers, leadership positions in their community, and management positions in their industry.”

Anyone who wants to learn more can reach out to either Dr. Herchenbach or Greg Nies by visiting the club’s website.

By: Sandy Brannan

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