Epsilon Pi Tau

Photo of an Epsilon Pi Tau meeting

Epsilon Pi Tau is an honorary fraternity for women and men who have demonstrated academic excellence in their educational endeavors and show leadership potential in the field of industrial technology. Epsilon Pi Tau is the honorary into which dynamic qualified women and men have been initiated since its founding in 1929 in recognition of leadership or leadership potential.

In brief, the precepts of Epsilon Pi Tau are outlined below:

Epsilon Pi Tau is an international honorary for the professions in technology whose purposes are to:

  • Advance understanding, appreciation, and awareness of technology as both an enduring and influential human endeavor and an integral element of culture.
  • Promote and provide professional status for the fields that compose education in technology.
  • Provide a medium for the professional development and recognition of individual members for leadership and achievement.

In fulfilling the precepts of Epsilon Pi Tau, members strive to:

  • Help others to achieve high levels of technological literacy,
  • Improve their general understanding of technology as a cultural phenomenon,
  • Improve their skills and competencies in a specific technology or in a related discipline,
  • Improve themselves socially and professionally,
  • Engage in and support publication and research with the highest professional and scholarly standards.

These purposes and ideals produce an organization based upon common interest and result in programs and activities that have contributed to the progress and recognition of the professions devoted to education and practice in technology in the educational and wider international communities. See also www.epsilonpitau.org