CBT Career Center Mission

The College of Business & Technology Career Center provides personal and professional development for CBT students through experiential learning and career planning. Our mission is achieved by providing students opportunities for professional growth through employer networking events, mentoring activities and development of career portfolio materials.  Additionally, we link students to high quality impactful internships and serve as a resource to students in the transition to life after college.


The Career Center collects a variety of data throughout the year to better understand trends in hiring and employment. Data is collected about full-time employment salary, internship salary, employment/engagement rates, interviews conducted, appointments with Career Coordinators, companies recruiting our students, and much more. 90% of UNK College of Business and Technology students are placed in employment or graduate school after graduation.

Job Placements Relative to Degree Earned

based on 81% response rate of Business and Technology graduates

95% Placed


91% Full-Time


9% Grad School

Grad School

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CBT Career Events

08 Apr
Back Country Cooking Clinic - Canceled UNK Wellness Center | 5:30pm
09 Apr
Spring Concert - Granger Smith - Canceled UNK Health & Sports Center | 7:00pm
10 Apr
New Music Ensemble Concert - Canceled FAB Recital Hall | 7:30pm
11 Apr
Piano/Chamber Workshop - Canceled FAB Recital Hall | 8:30am

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