COVID-19 Information

Due to the continued outbreak of COVID-19 in most areas of the world, including the state of Nebraska, the University of Nebraska discourages students from participating in in-person experiential learning activities during the summer of 2020. Students who choose to participate in in-person activities this summer are aware of the potential risks that exposure to the novel virus poses to their health and safety, that the University of Nebraska is unable to mitigate those risks, and that participation in those in-person activities does not create any liability on behalf of the University of Nebraska. The University encourages students to work directly with any non-University organizations through which the student will be completing in-person experiential learning activities to explore methods of completing those activities through remote or other non in-person means. The University encourages all students to know, understand, and follow the guidance from local governments and local health departments in the area where students may be participating in in-person activities, particularly since that guidance can change rapidly.

Internships provide professional and applied learning experiences with opportunities to network with knowledgeable professionals. Whether required or optional for your major, the experience will propel your career. Students who may experience financial hardship due to completion of an internship are encouraged to complete the Internship Stipend Application. Get started on the path to obtain and complete an academic internship.                                                                                                            


Declare intention to enroll in an internship course in a future semester.
Complete Intent to Intern Form

Fall Semester Internship - August 1
Spring semester internship - November 1
Summer semester internship - March 1*
*Some majors with required internships have an earlier deadline


Look for an internship.
Review requirements for your major.


Approval of Internship.
Company completes Overview of Internship Template 
Student completes Position Approval Form and attaches Overview from company.
To avoid accepting a position that would not meet academic requirements, submit the form and overview as early as possible to the Career Center prior to final acceptance of internship.
Deadline: Fall Semester Internship - August 15
Spring semester internship - December 1
Summer semester internship - April 1


Submit Internship Agreement
Student and company agree to UNK internship policies by signing Internship Agreement
Deadline: Due prior to Internship Expectations Training


Attend Internship Expectations Training
Course requirements and procedures will be discussed.
Dates TBD.


Enroll in the internship course.
Permit issued once above steps are completed.

If you are having difficulty completing the forms use Firefox, or if an Apple User, install Adobe Reader. 

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