Epsilon Pi Tau Carries the Torch of Excellence for UNK

Posted: November 7, 2023 12:00:00 AM CST

Dr. Tim Obermier, who currently serves as the College of Business and Technologys interim chair for the Cyber Systems Department, has 32 years of experience at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. He received both his bachelors and masters degrees from Kearney State College as well as his doctorate from Colorado State University. As an Industrial Technology professor, he has had many professional opportunities over his career including the state director for industrial technology at the Nebraska Department of Education. He has served as UNKs trustee of Epsilon Pi Tau since 2017, a leadership position he assumed after the retirement of Dr. Kennard Larson who started the UNK chapter in 1995.

A student getting inducted into the society at a ceremony.

EPT is an honorary organization consisting of students who are invited to join based on their academic performance. As part of the honor of being inducted into EPT, they have their superior academic performance recognized by other UNK students. The recognition of their exemplary efforts during their academic career will carry over to their professional lives after they graduate. As a certified member of the Association of College Honor Societies, EPT offers its members the distinction of being part of an elite group.

Dr. Obermier continues the traditions of this organization which was started back at Ohio State University in 1929. EPT strives to recognize and promote excellence in a students academic life and throughout their professional career. It is an international honor society which is for those involved in technology professions. Dr. Obermier describes EPT as not a typical student organization. He states that the members of EPT are technical-focused students who have excelled in their respective programs. Dr. Obermier, who specializes in information networking law and public policy, has years of past experience as coordinator of the statewide student organization now known as SkillsUSA as well as coordinator for several years of an organization now known as the Cyber Systems Student Organization. Dr. Ben Brachle, also a professor in the Industrial Technology department, serves as co-trustee for EPT.

Chapter President introducing core values

While this is not an organization that meets on a regular basis, there is an induction ceremony and practice held each year. This ceremony, which Dr. Obermier describes as a somewhat archaic and dramatic recitation, is coordinated by both trustees as well as all EPT student members.UNKs chapter of EPT strives to bring awareness of the value of technology and its impact on our culture to the world while promoting the profession as a whole. This international organization provides opportunities for professional development as well as recognition of individual members. With the networking possibilities available to members of this honorary organization, members of the UNK chapter have an opportunity to improve their skills, network with like-minded professionals, and engage in research.

Students can learn more about Epsilon Pi Tau by visiting the webpage of UNKs Gamma Omicron chapter.

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By: Sandy Brannan

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