NDSEA (Nebraska Driver Safety Education Association)

Mission Statement

"To provide adequate opportunity for members of the profession throughout the State of Nebraska to work together in fulfilling these goals, the Nebraska Driver and Safety Education Association was formed."

In this age of increased technological development, population growth and complex activity, there occurs a simultaneous increase in hazards to safe living. These hazards are present on the streets and highways of our nation, in the city and country, at home and school, at work and play. To enjoy the benefits created by modern conditions of living, men and women must learn to eliminate, avoid, or otherwise combat the accompanying danger to our lives. Developing an insight, and the judgment necessary to live happily and productively in a world of danger, is a process of education.

For this purpose, a specialized area of learning is needed. Included are driver and traffic safety, and the many other facets of safety which one needs in their daily living. Furthermore, a segment of the education profession needs to be specifically prepared. In order to obtain the optimum benefit from the respective abilities of these teachers, they must be able to work together for a common objective-instruction in safe living. This will allow the children, youth, and adults of this state to enjoy the blessing of modern progress; and in turn, to contribute to this progress by using all the skills and abilities with which they have been endowed.

Why Should I Join NDSEA?

  • The association serves my best interest.
  • To show pride in being a safety educator.
  • To provide a unified voice to speak on my behalf and the behalf of all members.
  • To provide my expertise to fellow members in driver education
  • To promote and emphasize the safety of all citizens in Nebraska
  • To keep me abreast of the new and improved developments in the traffic profession.

NDSEA Membership Information
Memberships in this Association

  • Professional: $50.00 (Annual Dues)
    Members shall be certified persons teaching or supervising driver and/or safety education.

What NDSEA Does
It helps driver-education teacher by:

  • Providing information and resources for personnel in traffic safety.
  • Responding to media contacts throughout the State of Nebraska and Nationally.
  • Working with vehicle industry on safety matters.
  • Provides a liaison with State and Federal legislators and administrators.
  • Making available new programs, events and activities in curriculum development.
  • Working with school administrators and school board associations.
  • Providing a place to go for help in traffic safety needs through associations and conferences.
  • Providing a source of information exchange to all members through statewide publications. (your ideas to others and resources)


DeAnn Keith
Nebraska Safety Center
Kearney, NE 68849

(W) 308-865-8256
(Fax) 308-865-8257
800-854-7867 ext 2