Identity FAQ

Your online identity consists of the collection of accounts throughout the University of Nebraska systems, which includes your UNK account, as well as your University wide TrueYou account. Identity Management is the procedure and systems that ensure you can access all the online resources while you’re a student, faculty, or staff member within the University of Nebraska and Nebraska State College system.

A user will interact with services and systems numerous times a day when conducting their duties, and having to re-authenticate over and over can become cumbersome. The Identity and Access Management team is working to reduce the number of logins and passwords you have to remember, how many times you have to log in, and how to keep your identity as safe as possible.

To reduce the number of times that you have to log in, we provide a Single Sign-On (SSO) service with the open-source tool Shibboleth. When a service uses the SSO service, you can pass between different web tools that use SSO and not have to log in again.