Email Lists

Four mailing lists have been established to facilitate communication with campus email users - Announce, Faculty, Employees, and Student Bulletin.

All faculty, staff, and administrators are subscribed to Employees.

  • Subscription to the Employees list is mandatory and automatic.
  • Only members approved by the Chancellor can post messages to the Employees email list.

The Announce list is an opt-in service.

  • Individuals can choose to opt-in to receive Announce.
  • Individuals can choose to remove their name from the Announce list.
  • Anyone who belongs to the Announce mailing list can post messages by sending the message to

To subscribe/unsubscribe to/from the Announce list:


All Faculty are automatically subscribed to the Faculty list

  • Only members of the Faculty list can post to it.
  • Members can email the list by sending their message to


All currently enrolled students belong to the Student Bulletin.