Email ListServ

Four mailing lists have been established to facilitate communication with campus email users - Announce, Faculty, Employees, and Student Bulletin.

All faculty, staff, and administrators are subscribed to two lists, Announce and Employees.

  • Individuals can choose to remove their name from the Announce Listserv.

To unsubscribe:

  1. Send an email from your account to
  2. Nothing needs to be added to the subject or body of the message.
  • Anyone who belongs to the Announce mailing list can post messages by sending the message to
    • 250K is the maximum size for all announcements sent through any UNK email Listserv.
  • Only members of the Chancellor's Administrative Council can post messages to the Employees Listserv.

Faculty need to be on the list to be able to post to the faculty listserv.

All currently enrolled students belong to the Student Bulletin.