UNK Printing FAQ

Wepa Print Kiosks

Print at any kiosk by uploading your file to print on the Wepa website, using the mobile app, or sending it to a Wepa printing queue from a campus computer.
Locations: wepanow.com/maps

Learn more ways to print at wepanow.com/user-guide

Wepa Printing Prices

Per page, single-sided, black and white, it is $.09
Per page, double-sided, black and white, it is $.15
Per page, single-sided, color, it is $.40
Per page, double-sided, color, it is $.60


Put the power of Wepa on your device. Download "Wepa Print" app for iOS and Android.

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  • PrintReleaf certification empowers you to sustain and grow our global forestry system...one print job at a time.


Wireless Printers

  • Personal wireless printers will not connect to the UNK wireless network. Turn off the wireless functionality if possible and plug directly in via USB.
  • Wireless printers severely interfere with the wireless network. Always turn off wireless or turn off printer when not in use.