Additional Athletic Training Program Related Documents

UNK offers the Master of Athletic Training [2-year graduate (professional) program].  We additionally offer the 5-year undergraduate and graduate combined course sequence [i.e. 3-year undergraduate program in the related field major (e.g. Exercise Science, Physical Education, Teacher Education, Biology, or other) with the newly established Minor in Athletic Training Foundation, and 2-year graduate (professional) program]. Either course sequence (2-year graduate program or 5-year undergraduate/graduate program) allows students to have great academic and clinical experience and provides students with the eligibility to take the Board of Certification (BOC) examination at the completion of the program.

The University of Nebraska Athletic Training Education Program (UNK-ATEP) is developed in accordance with the CAATE Standards for the accreditation of athletic training education programs. Courses include didactic and clinical instruction in subject matter areas as determined by the NATA Athletic Training Educational Competencies. The program offers the student a wide variety of field experience settings for the practice of applying the knowledge and skills acquired.

Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Nebraska at Kearney Athletic Training Education Program (UNK-ATEP) is to provide students with a comprehensive educational experience and strong clinical foundation for a career in the allied health care profession of athletic training.  Students will acquire knowledge and skills necessary for completing tasks within the professional setting.  Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding and ability to implement proper prevention, management, and rehabilitation of injuries and illnesses of the physically active individual in a variety of settings.

Program Goals & Objectives

Cognitive: Students will demonstrate level-appropriate knowledge related to the NATA Athletic Training Educational Competencies (5th ed.).

Psychomotor: Students will demonstrate level-appropriate skills that are identified in the NATA Athletic Training Educational Competencies (5th ed.).

Clinical Performance: Students will demonstrate level-appropriate clinical application abilities and professional behaviors.

National Certification: Students will challenge and pass the Board Of Certification Examination so that they may be certified as athletic training professionals.

Placement: Students who successfully pass the BOC examination, will secure placement within the healthcare profession in order to effectively utilize their baccalaureate education.