Follow the instructions below to apply!

I am an International Student 

Upon arrival in the U.S. I will carry an F1 or J1 Visa.

I am an Undergraduate Student 

  • First-Time Freshman - A high school graduate under 21 attending college for the first time.
  • Adult Freshman - A first-time freshman over 21 years of age
  • Early Entry - A current high school student wishing to take a college class before high school graduation.
  • Transfer - A student who has previously attended one or more colleges/universities.
  • Re-Admit - A returning UNK student with no additional transfer credit.
  • Re-Admit Transfer - A returning UNK student with additional transfer credit.
  • Post Bachelors - A student seeking a second Bachelor's degree or pre-requisite courses for Communication Disorders. Students applying for a second bachelor's degree from UNK are not eligible to earn the same degree again. You may choose a different degree (i.e. Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts_ or you may complete coursework but not be granted the same degree.
  • Non-Degree - A student who has no immediate intent of pursuing a degree.

I am an Undergraduate Student planning to take online courses only.

  • I will not be taking any courses on the University of Nebraska Kearney campus.
  • The Online Only Courses Application option is limited to Transfer, Re-admit, Re-Admit Transfer and Post Bachelor students.
  • The Online Only option is limited to Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Unified, Organizational & Relational Communication Comprehensive, Sociology, and Pre-Speech Language Pathology Coursework.
  • All classes will be delivered via the web.
  • I NEVER plan on attending classes on the UNK campus and will only enroll in online classes.
I am a Graduate Student. (I have earned a Bachelor's Degree) Click the appropriate link below.