Tuition Information

Please read the following information carefully, paying special attention to dates and deadlines. Questions regarding tuition, fees or payments should be directed to Student Accounts located in the Finance Office.

Class registrations will not be canceled by the university. Students are responsible for canceling their schedule should they decide not to attend UNK for the upcoming semester. Failure to properly withdraw before the term begins will result in tuition/fees being charged for classes in which the student remains enrolled.

*Subject to Change: Students who register for classes from early registration through the first week of the semester will be issued a billing statement. Students are notified by email to their UNK email account that they have a bill to view and access on MyBLUE. Paper billing statements are not mailed.

Student accounts not paid by the bill due date will be assessed late charges.

Once a student registers for classes, it is the responsibility of the student to cancel registration. Should plans change and the decision is made not to attend UNK that semester, the student must drop their classes via MyBLUE. Students who remain registered in classes, will be charged full tuition and fees for courses in their schedule.

Students who drop classes and/or withdraw from the university after the term has begun may be eligible for a refund according to the schedule below.


Students who complete the drop/withdrawal process for one or more full semester classes may be eligible for a refund. See the Refund Schedule for refund information when dropping a class. Short term classes will follow a prorated refund schedule. See Change of Schedule (Drop/Add).

UNK reserves the right to request cash from students who write checks which are returned unpaid and to require pre-payment when an account is consistently delinquent. All previous bills owed to UNK must be paid before a student is permitted to register for the next semester.

Students are responsible for the payment of additional costs (outside agency collection costs, legal fees or court costs) that are required for the collection of their student account balances at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.


Rates for rooms in on-campus residence halls, Village Flats, and meal plans can be obtained by contacting the Residence Life Office.


The UNK Military and Veterans Services Representative is located in the West Center building Room E217.

See Also

University of Nebraska Kearney Appeal Procedure-Drop Policy and Change of Schedule (Drop/Add).

How do I receive my bill?

MyBLUE ebill is an online billing and payment system that allows students to view bills, print bills as a PDF, and make payments. All billing notifications are sent to the student's UNK email account when an ebill is available in MyBLUE. Students are encouraged to check their email account regularly. The system is convenient, easy to use, and secure. Parents will not be notified of the billing; this is the student's responsibility.

Why do I have a hold on my account?

A hold will be placed on your student account if payment is not received on the due date. The hold will prevent you from registering, obtaining a transcript or making a change to a class schedule. The hold will remain until the financial obligation has been met.