Appeal Procedures

Academic Suspension Appeal Procedure

Students suspended from the University for academic reasons have a right to appeal their suspension. The following appeals process is recommended.

  1. The Appeals Board will be made up of a faculty member from each college, the Director of Academic Advising and Career Development, and a representative from Academic Success.
  2. Students are expected to submit their appeal using this online form before the appeal is considered by the Board.

When completing the form, students will be asked to explain why they have not been as academically successful as they anticipated. They will need to provide a well-thought-out plan of how to succeed the next semester. Aspects to consider are: what behaviors will you change next semester to result in positive academics? Do you need to consider changing your major? Have you thought about retaking a course to improve your GPA? Do you need to modify your work schedule?

Students who are successful in their appeal must:

  1. Enroll in no more than the number of credit hours recommended by the Appeals Board.
  2. Normally full-time students will repeat at least 6 credit hours of course work with previously recorded grades of "D," "D-," or "F." Part-time students normally will repeat at least 3 credit hours of course work with previously recorded grades of "D," "D-," or "F." The final decision about the number of courses to be repeated during the student's period of probation rests with the Appeals Board.
  3. The Appeals Board will designate the grade point average students must receive during the semester they are re-admitted to the University. Students will be required to receive at least a minimum grade point average of 2.0, but the Board may also require that the students receive a higher grade point average. Students who do not receive the designated grade point average will again be suspended for a period of two consecutive semesters.

Drop Policy Appeal Procedure

If extenuating circumstances prevent a student from processing a drop prior to the established deadline, he/she may obtain an Appeal for Exceptional Withdrawal form from the Registrar's Office. Procedures for the late drop/withdrawal are outlined in the Registrar's Office. All appeals must be submitted by the deadline established for that term. No appeals will be allowed after the final grading period has begun.

To appeal the effective date of a processed drop or withdrawal, the student must contact the Registrar's Office. If the appeal is not resolved to the satisfaction of the student, the student may appeal with the Senior Vice-Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs. Procedures for the appeal are available in the Registrar's Office.

Final Grade Appeal Procedure - Undergraduate

The typical procedure for appealing a final grade involves the following individuals:

  1. The Instructor
  2. The Department Chairperson
  3. The College Dean or EPC**
  4. The Senior Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs

** Some colleges require that grade appeals be made to their Educational Policy Committee. Students wishing to appeal a final grade should inquire with the Dean's Office of the College in which the grade was issued.

If a student feels the grade they received in a class is incorrect, they must initiate contact with the instructor of record or, in the absence of the instructor, with the appropriate department chair, within 30 days of the end of the term for which the grade was assigned. Failure to notify the instructor/department of record within the allotted time will render the initial grade final and no changes will be permitted.

Final Grade Appeal Procedure - Graduate