Late Fees and Holds

Late Registration

Initial registration after the first week of the semester (Fall or Spring) or after the first class day (Summer) is considered late and a $15 late registration fee will be charged. In order to process a late registration, students must have written permission from the instructor of each course for which they wish to register and they must complete their registration at the Registrar's Office. Tuition and all fees are due at the time of registration. Failure to pay at that time will result in late charges and prepayment for future terms.

Why are late fees and holds assessed?

When you register for classes, a space is reserved just for you. Decisions regarding how many class sections to offer and other commitments of instructional resources are made based on enrollment data provided after the registration process is complete. Other students may be unable to register in a preferred section if the space is reserved for you. In exchange for the University's commitment of resources on your behalf, you assume a responsibility to pay the fees assessed for those classes.

I decided to withdraw from class, why am I still receiving a bill?

Failure to pay the bill or failure to attend class does NOT constitute a withdrawal, and accounts with outstanding balances after the due date will be assessed late charges. Additionally, failure to receive a bill/ebill does NOT relieve you of your responsibility to pay your total balance on time. Please verify your address on MyBLUE to ensure your bill will be sent to the correct address. A paper bill will only be mailed if the student has a balance due and is no longer registered for classes at UNK.

Why do I have a hold on my account?

A hold will be placed on your student account if payment is not received on the due date. The hold will prevent you from registering, obtaining a transcript or making a change to a class schedule. The hold will remain until the financial obligation has been met. Please call Student Accounts (308) 865-8524 to resolve any questions regarding your bill.

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