Additional Course Fees

In addition to tuition and fees, courses may have Additional Course (lab) Fees.

A Course fee is defined as a charge applied to students enrolled in a specific course for expenses directly related to the student's participation. A Laboratory (lab) fee is defined as a charge made to students to underwrite, in whole or in part, the cost of services, rentals, and consumable supplies utilized in a laboratory environment. Costs that may be assessed through these fees include, but are not limited to, any consumable materials, services provided as a part of the class, travel costs for the student to attend a required field trip, computer related software for student use specific to the course, individual exams or assessments produced by a third party that are purchased at a group rate, materials such as manuals, chemicals, glassware, protective or other clothing, paints, brushes and canvasses that will be consumed by the student in the course of instructional activities. A course or lab fee may also include the costs of purchase, maintenance, repair and replacement of equipment used in the delivery of a course or execution of a lab. A course or lab fee shall not be expended for general departmental or administrative costs.

Additional Course Fees-Art Department
Additional Course Fees-Biology Department
Additional Course Fees-All Other Departments