Our Community Partners

The University of Nebraska at Kearney and the College of Arts and Sciences

The Frank Museum is grateful to be a part of UNK’s College of Arts and Sciences, and have a home here on UNK’s campus. It provides us unique opportunities to work with UNK students and host events for UNK groups. We joined the campus in 1972 when UNK was known as Kearney State College. Since then, we have built and thoroughly enjoy a dynamic and lasting partnership with the university that will last for years to come, and we are privileged to help UNK fulfill its mission as an effective undergraduate resident campus by providing a physical, on-campus space for students and staff alike.

UNK History Department

We are very fortunate to enjoy a robust partnership with UNK’s Department of History. We provide countless opportunities to history students through internships, class visits, research projects, employment, and more. The UNK Department of History has several degree options for those students interested in a history career. 

Kearney Cultural Partners

The Kearney Cultural Partners is a group of vital organizations that are dedicated to bringing a rich assortment of art, music, dance, theater, movies, history, literature, and family fun to Kearney residents and visitors all year round. The Frank Museum is a proud member of the Kearney Cultural Partners and actively engages with our surrounding community through this important group.

Nebraska Museums Association

nma logoWe are grateful to be a part of the Nebraska Museums Association (NMA). Established in 1990 as an outgrowth of the Nebraska Futures Project, Inc. this statewide task force felt that the quality of life could be advanced by contributing to Nebraska’s cultural resources. Since 1990, NMA has worked to serve the needs of Nebraska’s cultural resources and those who care for them. 

Frank Museum Director April White currently serves as Vice President on the Nebraska Museums Association Board, and regularly represents the Frank Museum at the annual conference.