Research Archives

The Frank Museum has a wealth of historical information about the Frank family, the Nebraska State Hospital, and other subjects related to our past. Our archives are open for educational and research purposes, both for personal and public use. You may visit the archives any time during our regular open hours, or you can contact us to schedule an appointment.

Rules for Using the Archives:

  • You must have permission from a staff member to be in the archive room and look through the archives.
  • Only take out ONE folder or photograph at a time – use one of the place holders to mark the spot in the box.
  • NO PENS ALLOWED – only use pencils or digital devices.
  • Do not take anything with you! If you would like a copy of a document, photograph, or other archive item – ask a staff member.
  • Please DO NOT rearrange anything.
  • If you have any questions, please ask a staff member.